Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Less is More

During the first few weeks of classes here at INCAE it seemed as if my workload had significantly decreased from my time at DU. Each night I would finish my big stack of cases and readings, take diligent notes, write my responses and compile the necessary calculations. It seemed like a chunk of work, but there was still so much free time at the end.

Why? I realized yesterday that the workload isn't smaller but rather the shape of my life is different. Here life is streamlines and organized. I don't have a commute. I don't have a job at the Mayor's office. I don't have to cook or clean. There's no texts from friends coaxing me out for a drink or old heartbreaks to tend to. There's no need to waste energy building up a blockade against the world because there's no one here trying to charge on in.

Distractions have faded. Things are getting simpler and it is making life better. What matters is beginning to rise to the top. Time to write. Time to practice Spanish. Time to joke about your roommate on your blog before you realized he reads it.

I know that life isn't all bike rides and ethnic dinners, but that doesn't mean it has to always be excel spreadsheets and tough decisions. Choose your problems. Pick your battles. Challenge yourself to try something new but don't forget to take time to do what you do best. Usually those are the things that power you up.

So with that I've got a book that needs reading and a newly-discovered nook that's waiting for someone like me to come in, sit down and make himself at home.

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