Monday, October 11, 2010


The earthquakes may have been rolling through Alajuela this past weekend but, after 3 longs weeks  trapped in the confines of INCAE-traz with the rain dampening my spirit, the skies finally cleared and I  escaped the tremblors to the beaches of Manuel Antonio. One car, one American, one Spaniard, one Nicaraguan, one German, and whole national park full of monkey's trying to steal our food.

I would love to tell you more but I'm staring down a solid newton-and-a-half's worth of reading for the final week of school and finals will be here in the blink of an eye.

On top of it all I'm scrambling to prepare the research, proposals and resources I will need for a consulting project in Panama. That's right. I've resolved to abandon my youthful indiscretion and head to Panama City for 8 weeks of consulting bliss. Why? In the end it came down to my instincts from a previous trip. After college I packed my things and headed off to Europe for a whirlwind tour of countless countries hopping borders on a two-month extravaganza. It was an amazing adventure with a great friend and we saw more in those months than I'm sure many people see in a lifetime. But at the end it was all a blur of hostels and churches and museums. Fleeting memories without a place or a time.

I remember stopping to think on more than one occasions how spectacular it would be get off the train, set up shop for a while,  explore the hidden gems of a city and see life as it's lived through the people and the spaces. So, add four years,  adjust the latitude and longitude and now I have my chance.

Yes, a South American adventure would be grand, but this opportunity is equally spectacular. To set shallow roots in Panama City, to work and live, to get up early and stay out late and come home to a place of my own. To build a home in a city that's not my own (That my Panamanian apartment will be located in Panama City's San Francisco neighborhood is an irony not lost on me either.)

So, I will leave the adventures to the adventurers. I'm happy to be a homebody so long as my home keeps moving.

There you go. Now you are in the loop.

Writing might be a little light this week as I head down the final stretch towards finals but stay tuned. There's plenty still to come: Monkey tales, blowing up the B-school case method, Spanish advertisements, and a third installment of the now infamous esoteric measurements.

Until then, I hope your hemisphere is treating you right,

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