Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grey Days

The rain has been falling in Panama, the cargo ships are stuck on the wrong side of the canal and mudslides are closing highways but I've had my head down and been just a bit too busy to notice.

It took a few e-mail from people stateside and a solid amount of Googling before I discovered that, while we toiled away on the final stretch of our consulting project, the unrelenting rain falling outside our windows was wreaking havoc around us. I've been lost in Power Points while the President of Panama was declaring a state of emergency. The Canal closed for only the third time in its history, ships unable to make the passage safely as river currents swirled the lakes and pushed the ships off course.Hydroelectric dams  reached capacity and nearly burst, just barely keeping downstream residents safe from a wall of water. Water treatment plants have been overwhelmed with flood contaminants. And, worst of all, homes were washed away in a torrent of rain and mud.

From the 22nd floor everything looks just a little bit grayer than it did before. Very little sign of trouble. The four of us sit, working away, staring down the finish line and preparing for 8 weeks of work summed up in a tiny little deck of PPT slides. A former colleague of mine coined a word that describes us perfectly: We're Decktivist. Changing the world, one Power Point deck at a time.

Panama is flooding but we have no time for that now. Someone else can build a boat. We have more slides to prepare.

Just trying to stay afloat,

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