Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If You Don't Go...

 I have said before that the first few steps of every great adventure take you out your own front door. I suppose I never considered that the end of that very same adventure trace those same steps in reverse.
I'm home again, 1.4 miles from the house where my parents first brought me home from the hospital,  but that doesn't mean the adventure is over.

It's cold here in Denver. Very cold. The calendar has rolled over from to 2011 but The Good Year is far from over. The MBA in me thought about recapping the last 3 weeks by numbers. I mulled over figures like miles biked (243), pounds lost (6), hours of class already attended (28) and amount of money spent replacing items stolen during past adventure ($painfull.99). Bot today I realized that there's something far more important to talk about. 

I've left this blog idle for the last 3 weeks but now I'm back with the product of my invisibility. It's a little gem of an idea wrapped neatly in a sentence that popped out at twice since I've been home:

If you don't go, you'll never know. 

Seven months ago I packed up and I went. Now I'm back and I'm still going. There's mountains to be skied, jobs that need freshly minted MBA's, bartenders who need me to buy drinks, Razor scooters that need to be wrecked down snowy driveways and a pretty little brand new bike named Roux that needs riding.

I'm going to do my damnedest to get up every morning, get out and go. Then I'll come here, talk about it, go back in time to tell a few stories, make some outlandish guesses about the future and maybe even ask you to tell me some of your stories too.

To everyone out there who thinks a little to much about the doing instead of just doing.  Whether you're dreaming about how to take those few steps out your own front door, reveling (or despairing) in the middle of your own adventure, or retracing those first few steps in reverse:

Here's to coming unstuck and staying that way.

Because if you don't go you'll never know...

Back in a jiffy,

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