Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zombie MBA's

I've locked myself in a study room. I'm afraid I won't make it through the night. The MBA zombies are coming for me. Or at least I thought they were. Then I realized that everyone is sucked too deep int their computers to care. This post goes out to all the  MBA's and IMBA's at Daniels College of Business who can't unplug. I say it's time. Close the lid, shut it down and put it away. You're all zombies from where I'm sitting...

Four days (and most nights) a week I sit in class watching you surf facebook, chat with friends and it takes all I've got to pay attention. I sit through one-sided discussions while you look at pictures of cats. I throw out my own ideas about global strategy while you video-chat with your family back in China. I outline global supply chains while you play some stupid game with plants and zombies. OK, that game looks awesome but that's besides the point.

The point is I'm sick of it. If my dagger stares and the hard numbers showing that you are wasting about $1.68 a minute when your ass is in those class seats then perhaps nothing will sway you.

How about the CU-Boulder professor who tracked which students used laptops during class and proved their overwhelmingly poorer performance (11% worse on exams)  than students without laptops?

If that's not enough then how about the research linking writing by hand and increased cognitive performance

I don't really know what else you need to convince you. If you're like me, and really want your notes on a computer, I would highly consider buying a livescribe pen that translates handwripting to PDF and even to text.. I bought one last months and it's now both my secret weapon and my Excalibur.

So that's that. Enough with this foolishness.

Now I need to get back to paying attention in class. This kid across the room is giving me dirty looks...


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