Friday, March 18, 2011

Retooling: Fin

Retooling is officially at an end.  It's been 11 weeks of tooling and retooling. Adjusting and readjusting. Making progress and slipping back. Tomorrow I'll throw my leg over a bike for the first race of the season and all the details of retooling won't matter. Not the food or the workouts, the antibiotic setbacks or the car collisions. It's Exciti-fying. Exciting to see what the spent miles and lost pounds sum up to. Terrifying to know that hours of hard work sometimes can't even give seconds when they are needed the most. I wasn't built to race a bike. But that's the fun in all of this. Going out when the odds are stacked in everyone else's favor and putting it all on the line anyway.

It's been a fun ride. I've seen well over 1000 miles of road. I've dropped 14 pounds. I've taken more pills than I thought I could stomach (don't worry, doc's prescription and natural supplements only!) I've kept track of more details on life than my mind can handle. And I've collected more bikes than I can ever afford (anyone in the market for a 56cm Roubaix?)

But no matter the outcome,  retooling ends tomorrow. The next 10 weeks are about enjoying the final rides, getting away from the processes of daily life and getting back to the idea and stories that make it all mean something. Because without the story and without the meaning, all I've got is a notebook full of pointless numbers, a bike computer crammed with useless data and a blog full of boring details. I know I've promised the details of how fitness can be retooled but I've decided that if you really want to skinny on getting skinny (and strong, and fast) you'll just have to ask.

The chapter of details is coming to a close, the MBA is nearly over and the stories are ready to make a triumphant return. It's time to lay it all on the line. To stand on the start line and gulp down the fear of failing, the fear of falling and the fear of trying. Then it's time to get back to what I'm best at. Oh, and maybe find one of those "jobs" everyone is talking about too.

Dare I say it?

Welcome to The Good Year: Chapter 5.

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