Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dream Big Dreams...

It seems somewhat serendipitous that, just as I wind down end of my IMBA,  my path should cross those of the director and former counselor of the summer camp that colored the dreams of my rocky mountain youth.

For four weeks a summer I felt set free to roam and play and explore in Rocky Mountain National Park at Cheley Colorado Camps. Every day we'd head out into the world adventuring and every evening, tired battered but happy, we would make our way to the boys dining hall to refuel for another round. On the high supporting beams of the log-cabin style dining hall were small wood planks with old quotes and sayings burned into their sides. Most of these quotes were corny and forgettable but one struck me differently.

Dream Big Dreams, Then Put On Your Overalls. 

I'm pretty sure that at 9 or 10 years old, it took a few days (fine, maybe a few weeks) to figure out just what it meant. But since the moment that the meaning jumped out and slapped me in the face the quote has stuck with me for better or worse. In the grand scheme of life I've spent the majority of 28 years dreaming dreams and only putting on the overalls (or speed suit) for only the grandest of them.  There's nothing wrong with dreaming. It's fun, it's healthy and it's what keeps us moving forward towards a goal. But at a certain point you have to get to work.

At the end of two years in b-school I would say that the MBA isn't useful for everyone. For the pure dreamers, for the theorists and for the officiators, business school is not the place. But for those who are ready for action, the MBA is the perfect training ground. The private sector is evolution sped up to millionth degree. To survive against the fittest, hell to be the fittest, a company must be filled with people who can collect a whole lot of info, use it to to make the right decision and then ACT on it with precision and speed.

I have a list of gripes about this MBA that would make the Dean's face go pale(r) but it's clear to me that the MBA is here to show us how to put on the overalls. If,  after two years in a college of business you can't fast track dreams to action then I would ask for a refund.

I still haven't decided exactly where I'll be fast-tracking dreams when all the essays are written and the final exams turned in but I have a sneaking suspicion that they probably won't let me wear overalls...

More Soon,

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